Douglas Ranch
          Don and Rani Douglas, Owners
   34220 Panoche Rd., Paicines, Ca. 95043                        (831) 801-3323

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    The Douglas Ranch is a wonderful place to board your horse. There are 552 acres of large pastures  for horses  to run in. The footing is excellent with well drained sandy loam soil. Native grasses are rich  and plentiful from Spring through Fall.   High quality hay is fed daily during Winter andSpring as needed  to supplement.  
     Horses are designed to travel over a wide range, and their soundness and general health requires  constant  movement. Keeping a horse confined for long periods of time can lead to deterioration. At  Douglas Ranch your horse gets the attention and space it deserves.

    Bring your broodmares for foaling out or older horses for retirement. If your horses have to put up  with muddy  conditions in the winter, consider bringing them for the rainy season. We will handle  horses for the owners for trimming, shoeing  and vetting.  Owners pay for the actual services. 

Pasture board:  $200 per mo.   Barn board: $350 per mo.