Douglas Ranch
          Don and Rani Douglas, Owners
   34220 Panoche Rd., Paicines, Ca. 95043                        (831) 801-3323

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     Don does all the training. His methods are the tried and  true  ways to keep horses calm and confident. Don teaches the  horses  respectful ground manners and achieves resistance free training  results through kindness and repetitive consistency and  by letting  the horses work through situations until they find the  way of least  resistance.  The horses become compliant and  comfortable with  their training and are treated humanely at all  times.  Colt starting is  one of Don's specialties. If you are wanting a long term horse  partner, he will help develop you and your  horse into a team.  

      Training rate:  $875 per mo. includes stall and feed
"Look at that smile. Thank you for giving us a horse we can ride!"
K.E., Woodside
"I just wanted to say how much we adore this mare.  She is truly the best horse I've ever owned."
J.L., Norco
"I am so grateful for the wonderful found-ation Don gave Ryan and I can't wait to bring my filly to him.
              S.A.,  Aromas
"I can not think of a better horse for  me.  I am obviously a fan!"
   D.C., Lake View Terrace